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E-TAX System

Phoenix Total Solution Co.,Ltd. is one of the most expertise companies which has developed digital document with Digital Signature for Tax Invoice and Receipt according to Revenue Department condition and requirement.

E-TAX Background

The government had issued a policy to regulate payment system into National e-Payment pattern. This is to endorse private sector digital payment transactions and also increase government sector e-service efficiency. Revenue Department release e-TAX policy to create electronic tax invoice and receipt with digital signature and submit

e-tax checklist
  • VAT registered company
  • Revenue more than 30 million baht per year
  • A large quantity of Tax Invoice and Receipt
Phoenix E-TAX System


  • Acqiure Digital Certificate


  • Go Revenue Department website
  • Confirm Identity
  • Receive ID and Password


Prepare Data
  • Prepare XML data and Digtal Signature


Submit File
  • Host to host
  • Service Provide
  • Upload XML file


  • Login to Tracking System


  • Retention document by regulation
  • Done
Phoenix E-TAX system advantage

Our system is tailor made design to support your existing system and work process.

Worthwhile investment; competitive price with the highest result.

Provide the least time development as possible.

Highest security; on premise solution and on cloud.

Back End maintenance system for your own management.

Tracking Report available with customization option.

Reduce cost of document management for hard copy and storage.

Tax advantage for cost of development according to Revenue Department policy