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Speed up your business with our features solutions.

We provide a full service of IT consultant for your business with specialization in SAP/ABAP. Our comprehensive service cover SAP and relevant system such as .NET, Java, Sharepoint and power BI. With these skills we can serve our customer with the best solution to maximize their investment.

about phoenix

We provide the professional solutions with excellent team.

The Phoenix Total Solution Co., Ltd. is one of consulting and technological system development companies that meets the customer’s needs with the most expertise in Thailand. It was established in 2013. We are outstanding with the high quality of our team who full of experience and ready to provide the service.

The Phoenix Total Solution Co., Ltd. promises that we will provide the excellent service to our customers. Our company has the consultant team who expertise on SAP/ABAP and commit to provide the holistic service to meet the current customer’s needs with more variety and to achieve continuity of work between SAP/ABAP and relevant system. We provide the comprehensive service whether Java, .NET, Power BI or Ms SharePoint.

The Phoenix Total Solution Co., Ltd. is not only a consultant company, we are also pay attention to take care the customer by access the customer’s needs using the principle of good service provider, not only focus on the work system development but we also aim to implement the strategy that emphasizes on taking into account the customer is the most important to ensure the customer gets the service which truly meet the customer’s needs. We believe that the SAP/ABAP combines with other relevant systems can support the work and enhance the capacities that meet more many and boarder business demands. With this attitude, we pay attention and provide exclusive service for our customer, make a balance on perspective of professional consulting.

Therefore, we never stop to develop ourselves continuously whether on human resource development or on expand various system related to SAP/ABAP to ensure that we can fulfill the customer’s needs with variety and shall be adjusted all the time under business environmental condition to ensure that the customer will has the highest satisfaction from our service.


Phoenix Vision
phoenix’s team

We are outstanding with the high quality of our team who full of experience and ready to provide the service.

Management team

Phoenix Total Solution Co.,Ltd found by six determined people who has extensive experiences in SAP/ABAP development. With 10-20 years of experiences of each member, we are now recognized as one of the best technical consultant company in Thailand. We are now growing and have excellence developers joining us to build a strong community within our company to provide the best service to our customers as we promise.